Stickers for School Clothes

Super Self-Adhesive Stickers for School Clothes

Occasionally, your child may return from school donning stickers on their clothes, typically displayed on the front chest area. It may indicate that the youngster received a reward, is a motivational growth mindset message from a teacher, or it may simply advertise a random product or service. 


Small children are invariably fascinated with anything that’s self-adhesive, especially if it adheres to different surfaces and features bright colours. Providing that the item sticks, it is good enough to attract children from an early age. They’ll play with these adhesive products for ages, repeatedly re-sticking them onto different surfaces until the adhesive eventually loses its ability to cling. 

Happy Homecoming 

It’s not only children who love self-adhesive tags; parents do too, especially once they’ve experienced the customised stickers for school clothes, obtainable nationwide from Labels4School UK. We specialise in everything you need to help ensure that whatever your youngster takes to school returns home again at the end of the busy, active day – a happy, peaceful homecoming in every respect. 

Attention Span 

It’s a proven fact that young children have shorter spans of attention and concentration than adults do. Their fertile, developing young minds are quick to jump at the next thing that attracts them, so remembering exactly where they put a jacket, jersey, socks, scarf or pair of gloves isn’t always easy. The same applies to repacking their bags at home-time. 

Frustrating Search 

There’s barely a parent who hasn’t been frustrated repeatedly by searching in vain for a missing piece of apparel that’s inadvertently been left somewhere at school or has accidentally been swapped for that belonging to another child. 


Our range of stickers are many and varied. Those intended to mark and personalise school wear are specifically designed, developed and tested for specific purposes – everything from labelling books, stationery, lunch boxes and juice bottles, to bag tags, shoes, allergy alerts and school clothes. 

We offer entirely different types of stick-on labels for school prerequisites, as indicated by the name of our company. Items like unmarked clothing are foremost amongst those reportedly lost or mislaid, which is the reason why most educational facilities have “lost property” storage rooms where unmarked, now ownerless garments are kept until it is hopefully reclaimed by the rightful owner. 

Features of Stick-On Clothing Labels 

Our waterproof labelling solutions are one of the various stickers for school clothes and numerous other applications on offer. These stickers are additionally dishwasher and washing machine safe, which is a really important feature in children’s apparel and equipment that will invariably require a wash after use. 

  • Durable, chemical-resistant resin printing process
  • Black print on white background
  • Freezer/fridge-safe but not suitable for microwaves (not applicable to clothes)
  • Space for name, plus one optional line of text only
  • Size 15 mm (h) x 25 mm (w)
  • Personalise garments, such as school clothes and uniforms – jackets, blazers, jerseys, hats, caps, ties, scarves and gloves, shirts, trousers, skirts, dresses, coats, underwear, sportswear and bed linens, to name only some fabric items
  • Should ideally be applied to clean, dry manufacturer’s garment tags
  • Allow for a two- to three-day bonding period 

Labelling your child’s garments with Labels4School’s personalised stickers for school clothes is a breeze with our easy, convenient “peel, stick and apply pressure” solutions – the ideal way to keep little ones and their possessions where they belong – together.


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