Taking Name Labels to School

Taking Name Labels to School

As soon as a child enters school, their name becomes particularly important since this is the initial and primary way in which one child may be distinguished from fellow scholars who are probably all wearing the same uniforms or designated school clothing. When a child suddenly becomes one of many upon swapping home for school each weekday, the youngster’s awareness of their name assumes a greater significance, which will last a lifetime. 

Name Association 

Shortly after birth, babies begin learning to associate their names with themselves. At any age, child or adult, addressing a human being by name – verbally and in writing – ensures that their attention is alerted. They recognise that whatever communication is to follow pertains to them. The same principle applies to getting the attention of and training intelligent animals. 

Marketplace Niche 

Labels4School UK started as a company that occupied a niche position in the label marketplace, supplying parents and their offspring with a range of customised name labels for school, initially to personalise pre-printed labels to stick onto schoolbooks

Comprehensive Ranges 

Today, our product range has grown exponentially and now includes mugs, wall decals, face masks, plus a variety of name labels in different pack sizes for easy identification on: 

  • Shoes, sandals and boots
  • Sports kits
  • Pens, pencils and pencil cases (wrap-around products)
  • School books
  • Lunchboxes and juice bottles
  • Teachers – tokens of reward, award and labels expressing personal and motivational growth mindset messages.
  • Bag tags – classic or themed, also available in your choice of colour and material, one being PVC with a keyring attachment for sports, school, gym, library and book bags, as well as musical instrument cases, backpacks and luggage. The second bag tag type is made from robust but lightweight aluminium and features a stainless-steel wire attachment and a barrel lock.
  • Clothes – uniforms and schoolwear – hats, caps, shirts, skirts, jerseys, hoodies, tracksuits, trousers, shorts, scarves, undies, coats and, if applicable, sleeping bags and bed linens. Our products, which name the owner of clothes, are available in a choice of three easy, time-saving application methods – stick-on, sew-in or iron-on options. 

Allergic Condition Alert 

For your convenience and the all-important safety and security of your school-going children, we’ve also created two specialised labels. The first alerts others to allergic conditions such as allergies to bees/bee stings, dairy products, fish, shellfish, nuts, eggs and products containing wheat. 

Two Variants 

Our semi-permanent option is printed on a type of vinyl that may be removed. It’s ideal to name and label disposable food packets and other one-time use items since this version is not dishwasher, microwave or freezer safe. 

The permanent allergy alert variants are printed on premium vinyl stickers, making them suitable as microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe products. As permanent name labels that don’t peel off easily, these stickers are great for regularly used items, like lunch boxes, drinks bottles, stationery, electronic devices and the like. 

Conquering Colour Blindness 

Colour blindness cannot be cured, but it can be conquered and managed through the use of innovative stickers by Labels4School. Also available in semi-permanent or permanent options, this second specialised product is cleverly designed to assist colour-blind children to identify different colours by name, symbol and colour bar, as printed on each sticker. 

By combining these three aspects on one name label, colour-blind children find it much easier to learn about and distinguish different colours without fear or a sense of shame because their eyesight functions differently from that of their classmates. 

Getting your kids and their possessions ready for their journey through school couldn’t be more convenient than the Labels4School way. If your child owns it, name it. Ensure that regardless of the item, it remains with your youngster.