School Fund Raising & Affiliates

Welcome to the Labels4school Affiliate Program!

Due to Coronavirus, sharing stationary and school items runs the risk of spreading germs.

So, now it is more important than ever, to make sure our families are kept safe. And that includes labelling all your items. 

Our program pays you a percentage for every sale you refer to us. It's extremely simple to use, hassle free and a good way to raise funds for practically anything! School trips, the PTFA, charities, the NHS or any other cause. And we have made it easier than ever.

This program is a 21st century 24/7 cake sale or mufti-day! 

 So, if you are blogger, a business, a school, social influencer or anyone that has a network of moms you can share this with, why not get paid for selling!? 

And if you aren't fund raising for cause at the moment, you can find one, or simply do it for additional income by selling to friends, family, co-workers and other families you meet in the playground! 




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