Iron-On Name Labels

Iron-On Name Labels

Best Buy Name Labels Ironed On with Ease 

In William Shakespeare’s popular play, Romeo and Juliet, Juliet posed the question: “What’s in a name?” She continues to nullify the importance of it – that by which her beloved Romeo and his family are known, Montague, finding little significance in the Montague family title because it doesn’t alter her affection for Romeo Montague. 

Significance of Names 

However, we at Labels4School, differ from Shakespeare and fictional Juliet. As our company’s name suggests, we are involved in providing numerous types of labels – iron-on, stick-in, sew-on or a combination of certain of these techniques that are essential or useful in a school-related context. However, first, we’ll view names and labels before bringing on the iron. 

We maintain that everyone’s name is, in fact, extremely important in many different aspects and areas. It is that by which you are addressed and known. It is part and parcel of your identity and your place in your family, amongst friends and acquaintances, socially, in the workplace, and in the wider world. 

It’s considered polite and courteous to address a person by name when greeting, during conversation and of course, when introducing hitherto strangers who are known to you. People appreciate the use of the titles their parents accorded them because this practice indicates that they are recognised as having value or significance to the speaker. 

It’s Also a Label 

A name is like a label, indicative of personal and family roots, culture, lineage, heritage, genealogical ties and associations, and history, all of which are fascinating, one their own, in isolation, and combined with additional factors. These labels typically enable a person to trace, track and recognise from whence they came. 

People are often labelled, especially historically, sometimes unkindly and sometimes justifiably. There’s Richard the Lionheart, the Sun King (Louis XlV), the Bard (Shakespeare), the Angel of Death (Josef Mengele), the King of Rock and Roll (Elvis), and that is just for starters. 

Labels abound, and the more famous or infamous the labelled person and their deeds are or were, the more people know precisely who the person is when only their label or nickname is used.   

Ironing On a Name Label 

Our iron-on name labels are specifically designed and manufactured to enable busy mums and dads to apply the identifying tags quickly and efficiently onto garments by using the everyday household dry iron (not steam). 

These exciting, time-saving products are available in packs of 100, 50 or 25, printed on soft, white synthetic material in blue or pink font (with or without similarly coloured icons). Certain of our bulk name label packs also include a specified number of iron-on products, which in all cases, measure 12mm (h) x 46mm (w), small enough to fit easily onto the care labels of small clothing items, and large enough to be clearly legible. Customers should note that these iron-on tags are only suitable for clothing, nothing else. 

Nice and Easy Does It 

Before doing anything else, check that clothing to which you want to affix markers may be ironed – with a dry iron. Ensure that garments are freshly laundered and completely dry before ironing on the tags, which must be placed text-side up on the inside of the item, ideally on or where the clothing care instruction would be located below the back neckline. Turning the piece inside-out makes the process easier. 

Cover the tag with parchment or baking paper before placing the iron and applying pressure on it for 20-30 seconds. Keep the iron stationary throughout, avoiding to and fro movements. Allow approximately the same amount of time for the tag to cool down, and repeat, on average 2-4 times, or until stuck properly.  

Avoid washing for at least 24 hours and then, job complete, garments named and labelled with minimal effort and the judicial application of a hot iron – easy-peasy with iron-on name labels by you and Labels4School.


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