Shoe Labels

Shoe Labels

Avoid Boots and Shoes Without Labels Walking Out on You 

In late 1965, Nancy Sinatra, daughter of the famous crooner, Frank, released a song entitled “These Boots are Made for Walkin’”, which became a hit record about a month later. In the lyrics, she threatened that her boots were “gonna walk all over you”. 

However, at Labels4School UK, we want to help you ensure that your children’s boots, sandals and shoes do not walk out on you by going walkabout, as the Australians once termed someone or something that goes off and disappears for a while or permanently. We can but come to one conclusion – missing footwear is probably devoid of our stylish shoe labels. 

Marking Children’s Footwear 

Throughout the UK, our customers recognise the importance of marking their children’s footwear with our handy, easy-to-apply shoe labels. This is possibly the easiest, quickest method of ensuring that lost or misplaced footwear is identified and returned to the owner. Our markers are available in black and white or colour, and additionally have multiple uses. 

It’s All in the Name 

Labels4School’s footwear marking solutions do not blatantly advertise our company name and our products. Instead, these markers are completely unseen when shoes are on the feet of the wearer. It’s only when the youngster removes their footwear that our stick-in shoe labels become apparent, clearly identifying the owner of the footwear by first and last names. 

Almost not There at All 

Our stick-in, waterproof footwear stickers are exceptionally thin, even undetectable by a child’s sensitive underfoot skin. Surface-wise, our sticky tags are almost not there – providing that they are applied correctly, as per our instructions, on a suitable, smooth, dry and clean surface.   

Easy Footwear Application Guidelines 

  • Ensure that the condition of the insole is as above, and that the surface is not described as “non-stick” or has a high silicone content.
  • Peel off the actual printed label to reveal its adhesive reverse side, which should be positioned on the underfoot arch (or heel) area.
  • It may also be applied to the outside of wellies and boots, providing that the items’ surface complies with recommendations.
  • Follow by covering it with our waterproof adhesive clear label designed to prevent degradation caused by perspiration and friction between the foot, its movement and the shoe.
  • Avoid touching sticky surfaces or creating air bubbles beneath the primary and clear tags.
  • Rub evenly and firmly over the surface, applying pressure to ensure that stickers adhere properly, particularly at edges (products’ adhesive is pressure-activated).
  • It’s a good idea for the wearer to walk in the shoes for 2 or 3 minutes immediately after application to enhance pressure and increase adhesive activation.
  • Don’t attempt to check adhesion by trying to lift edges. If you’ve followed our recommendations, trust that the product will stick securely.
  • Leave footwear unworn for 1 - 2 days to allow for setting and completion of the bonding process. 

Say “Goodbye” 

Imagine never, or at least seldom searching high and low for a missing flip-flop, shoe, sandal or boot again after your youngsters have been out and about. There is one way to help ensure that your children’s footwear returns home, along with the young wearer. Simply get your multi-purpose, state-of-the-art, durable shoe labels easily, promptly and conveniently by ordering from Labels4School online – now, today, before one of those boots go walkabout again.


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