Top Items Kids Lose at School

Top Items Kids Lose at School

We're the Labelling experts! Learn more about our products and how they can reduce lost property and having to replace costly clothing items! Are your ids ALWAYS losing their things they take to school?
 As parents, it can be extremely frustrating having to look for items and keep reminding our children not to lose things! Check out these top items kids lose in school and remember to label these so they come back home!
Kid glasses

Top items kids lose

 Water Bottles & Lunch Boxes
Some of the most lost items become lost because our kids take their bottles and lunch boxes out of the classroom and they get mixed up with the myriad of other bottles and lunch boxes on the playground. Parents can combat this by labelling their children’s bottles and lunchboxes so that even if items do get lost they can be returned to your child or their teacher. Take a look at our personalised thermos bottles for something unique! Our Classic Multi-purpose labels are an excellent way to fight lost bottles and lunch boxes. Or if you love colour, our Colour Mini Starter Pack is perfect to label these items as BOTH types of labels are waterproof and dishwasher safe!
labels4school personalised lunch bag and labels
Jackets & Jerseys
We don’t have to tell you how costly it is to replace these items! Jackets and jerseys are taken off and put back on (and LOST!) multiple times in a day. With every child in the school wearing these clothing items, they can be lost in the blink of an eye and are difficult and expensive to find or replace. Our advice? Labelling ALL school uniform items are the way to go! Our Iron-On Clothing labels are perfect for this. They can even be sewn in if that’s what you prefer. Once applied correctly, they will last the year and your child’s items can never be confused with someone else’s. Have you tried our Stick-in Clothing labels yet? They are fast becoming our most popular clothing label with moms whose kids go to boarding schools. These are super-sticky labels that stick directly onto the care tag of the label and last through rough washes.
 School uniform hung up
Pens & Pencils
Parents spend thousands on buying that first set of stationery at the beginning of the year. By the second and third term many of us are replacing these expensive items as they have been lost or mistakenly taken by other kids in the class. Think of the teaching time wasted every day with kids fighting over pencils and crayons as well as the germy mix-ups that happen. Our solution? The Classic Wrap-around pen and pencil labels are a MUST have and work like a BOMB! Buy these in bulk to make sure all your kids' writing utensils are labelled clearly. Or if you love colour, our skinny pen and pencil labels in our Colour Super and Starter packs will make your child’s stationery stand out from the crowd!
 Labels4school wrap around pencil labels
Has your child come back home with the wrong pair of shoes or a pair of mismatched sizes? Or perhaps NO shoes at all? We know the feeling! During sports practice, PE or break kids love to take their identical shoes off and have a run around. Then come back to a mix of shoes lying on the ground and hurriedly grab the ones they THINK are theirs. We have come up with 2 options for your kids. Our Classic Shoe labels allows you to label the inside of each shoe. We also have the cutest Colour Shoe labels in the shape of a left and right foot to help the little ones know which foot goes where. Both these shoe labels have extra protection in the form of our clear shoe shields that are stuck over the label to protect the ink from rubbing off as your kids wear in their shoes.
Labels4school colour shoe labels
Losing books and homework folders can lead to immense frustration- especially the ones our kids have to bring home and take back to school daily. Losing library books, homework books and test books are a nightmare for teachers and parents alike. The best solution is to make sure they are clearly labelled with your child’s name, class and school. Our Classic Book labels are also a winner with many parents using them to neatly label books and personalise the class and school too on these!

How to help

  • Understand children have different priorities to adults

Kids need to learn to prioritise organisation- it is a skill. Teach them how to pack their bags in an organised way as well as organising their homework area and desk at school. Investing in personalised name labels for school can help avoid others touching their things and help them find their items more easily.
  • Talk to your kids about remembering items and responsibility

Telling your child to “Stop losing things” doesn’t mean much to them. Sit down and have a chat with your child about the value of their stationery and the importance of remembering to take care of their things at school. Teach them the word ‘responsibility’ and help them understand why this is important.
  • Come up with a solution together

Discuss the problem and involve your child in the solution! This is the best way for them to learn and be invested with you. Chat to them & brainstorm ways that they can organize their belongings and prioritize what they need to do at school.
 Kids running at school
Labelling your child’s items with their own name and favourite icon allows them to take ownership of these things and avoids others touching or mistaking items for their own. Labels4School UK offers a wide selection of quality labels for every item your kids take to school. If you are tired of constantly having to replace lost items, then personalised labels for school can be a fun way to help them stay organized.