Iron On Labels

Iron-On Labels

Ironing On Labels is Easy – Weekly Laundry, Not So Much 

It’s remarkable to note how many different DIY products for umpteen applications are available today; this at a time when there are experts and specialists in almost every field to do one’s bidding – at a price, though, during times when cost-cutting initiatives are commonplace. 

DIY Labelling 

A DIY task – such as ironing on affordable labels, can be fun, unlike ironing laundry because it’s simple, quick and easy, providing that you buy the right products from the right supplier, at the right affordable price. 

Banish the Disappearing Act 

Additionally, one has the reassurance and peace of mind in knowing that you’ll retain items that constitute one of a pair. Imagine your relief at no longer having to search high and low for a lone glove or sock that’s mysteriously gone amiss, or only emerges by chance, long after you’ve stopped looking for it to pair it with its mate again, which you’ve already thrown away. 

The solution has been there all along – top quality, long-lasting iron-on labels obtainable from Labels4School, your UK supplier of a wide selection of easy to apply products for almost every item that children take to day school, boarding school, sports matches and more. 

Garments Gone 

In fact, our iron-on labels should become an integral part of all the relevant garments and apparel that leave your home to be taken to places and events where youngsters, who have the same or similar clothing, sports kits or school uniforms, are likely to gather. This is where most onesies that make up pairs most often vanish, inexplicably, unless clearly and legibly labelled. 

This is not to say that jerseys, T-shirts, jackets, skirts, dresses, shirts and blouses, hats and caps, blazers, scarves, trousers, bedding and other larger, more obvious garments are exempt from disappearing because they do, all too frequently. In group or communal laundry settings, unmarked items are particularly at risk of becoming lost, never to turn up again in the lost-and-found storeroom. 

Exclusively for Clothing 

Please note that our Labels4School iron-on labels may also be used very successfully as sewn-in or exceptionally secure, iron-on and sewn-in markers – for clothing items only, and nothing else, other than clothing. 

Iron-On Label Features 

  • Made in the UK – finest quality
  • Available in packs of 25, 50 or 100 units
  • Label size – 12mm (h) x 46mm (w)
  • Custom-printed on synthetic iron-on fabric
  • Choice of font colour – Baby Pink or Royal Blue
  • Accommodates first and last names, with/without an optional additional line of text, plus an icon, from our comprehensive list
  • May additionally be sewn in, as mentioned, although these products are designed to stick and withstand most normal wear and tear, as attested by numerous happy customers
  • Washing machine safe
  • Tumble dryer safe 

Simplicity and Ease 

If you’re under the impression that our recommended iron-on process is complicated, you’ll be delighted with the simplicity and ease with which you can accomplish this quick, simple task. Say “goodbye” to searching forevermore for a sock or some other attire that’s just not here, there or anywhere else, as far as you can tell. 

How to… 

First, a few cautionary words – use stick-on labels if the garment’s fabric shouldn’t be ironed; never place a heated iron directly onto the label. Shield it with baking or parchment paper, before applying heat with a dry iron (no steam function), set on medium heat. 

  • Clothing must be freshly washed and thoroughly dry
  • Turn garment inside-out
  • Peel off backing, place label text-side up on garment beneath baking paper
  • Keeping the iron completely stationary, apply firm pressure for about 20-30 seconds
  • Allow to cool for 20-40 seconds and repeat the heating/cooling process about 2-4 times, or as necessary, to ensure effective adhesion, especially at corners 

Bob’s your uncle and you’re done. That’s how top-quality iron-on labels are meant to function; ours do exactly that. Simply avoid washing garments for the next 24 hours to allow for proper bonding. 


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Custom Labels for Clothes