Custom Labels for Clothes

Custom Labels for Clothes

Quality Custom Labels for Kiddies’ Clothing 

A world without customised signage would be a pretty chaotic place, yet very few people ever consider how invaluable they are in keeping each day and more complex aspects of life and living tidy, organised and orderly. Labels are used to name, identify, instruct, differentiate, warn and inform, as well as helping to ensure that busy lives are safer, more convenient and streamlined. 

Unidentified and Unknown 

Imagine not knowing that the jar on a shelf in your home contains a toxic substance instead of the white sugar that you want to use in the cake mix that you’re preparing. At the very least, the consequences for such an error would be dire, if not deadly. 

Essential Anywhere and Everywhere 

Labels, customised to suit a specific application or purpose, are essential throughout this modern, densely populated world – in homes, factories, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, entertainment venues, at sports facilities, alongside roads and highways, and in the air – just about any- and everywhere. 

Labels4School focuses on labelling solutions, including custom labels for clothes, for use in the home, at school, and at sporting and social events in which youngsters participate. Little people don’t lose clothing or other school prerequisites deliberately. They’re just too busy being healthy, active children. 

All items have probably carried a label at some stage, but not all stickers are designed for customised use on clothing – one of our premier specialities. 

Huge Varieties 

  • Sewn into or stuck/ironed onto clothes, after being individually customised to indicate the name of garments’ wearers or owners, the brand name, logo or name of the manufacturer, country of origin or manufacture, size, type of fabric and trimmings, as well as the all-important washing or dry-cleaning instructions.
  • Removable adhesive labels that indicate price.
  • Durable, waterproof, dishwasher-safe stick-on adhesive labels, which are not microwave-safe, for domestic use, commonly on items like reusable lunch boxes, juice bottles and snack containers. The same products may also be used for clothes and other washable apparel, such as scarves, gloves, underwear and more, since they’re also washing machine safe.
  • Alternatively, a Labels4School sew-in or iron-on tag may be used, or both combined for an extra-secure result. Additionally, these products are tumble dryer safe, but are only suitable for clothes, nothing else.
  • Price tags (customised) that tie onto in-store merchandise.
  • Stickers on appliances, containing information about capacity, safety precautions, a list of manufacturer-approved uses and warnings to ensure safe and optimal operation, warranties and/or guarantees, power consumption, energy efficiency ratings, voltage, serial or batch numbers, and often, also additional outstanding features that enhance marketing initiatives.
  • Customised warnings specifically about flammability, toxicity and safe disposal, which may be printed on small stickers that fit onto anything like a container of pills, or enormous adhesive stickers for use on fuel and chemical tankers, heavy industrial and civil engineering machinery, and capital equipment. 

Clothing Sticker Features 

  • Size 15mm (h) x 25mm(w)
  • White background with customised black fade-proof text 

Sew-In/Iron-On Options for Clothes 

  • Size 12mm (h) x 46mm (w)
  • Customised blue or pink text on white background 

All these customised labels from our company save your time, money and effort. Parents are delighted to find such durable, user-friendly products for clothing application, manufactured right here, in our very own UK, conveniently ordered online.


Iron On Labels

Iron-On Labels