School Stickers

School Stickers

Possible Origins of Modern Multi-Purpose School Stickers 

From an early age, young children are immediately attracted to and fascinated by stickers, it would appear. Obviously, bright colours attract their attention, but that’s seemingly not the only reason why little ones are drawn to stickers – of all shapes, types and sizes, at school and at home, even it’s only a packing label or price tag that mum pulled off a carton or removed from a jam bottle. 

One may surmise that the act of enabling what seems to be an ordinary piece of paper to adhere to another surface, without the use of additional glue or adhesive tape, is an interesting phenomenon at the age and stage of life when virtually everything in the world is exciting and new. It’s also a time when an immense amount of learning takes place, sometimes in leaps and bounds and at other times – by taking baby steps. 

Placing an adhesive label where you want it and, depending on its adhesive, being able to remove and stick it to another surface, must feel like an achievement to a pre-school poppet and other children in the lower grades, during their most formative years. 

The Little Collectors 

Many youngsters are avid collectors. Persons who are old enough to remember the pre-sticker days, but not so old that they’ve forgotten, will recall the cards or stamps (forerunners of stickers) that manufacturers periodically inserted into batches of containers – notably cereal boxes and packets of cigarettes – all in the quest for brand dominance and profits. Woe betides the producer that would dare attempt this latter tobacco-related tactic today. 

Migration to School 

Nevertheless, stickers, particularly those produced and supplied by Labels4School, have migrated to schools and homes right across the UK and other countries, to great effect and the benefit of teachers, pupils, parents and school principals. 


Regularly, the busy schoolteacher is required to add a personal message or remark to a piece of work, test paper, homework, project or report card, be the comment one of praise, encouragement, exhortation to try/study/work harder, concentrate, motivate the child, or help to boost his or her self-confidence. A colourful, sticker, featuring an appropriate illustration and message, is an invaluable time-saving educational tool. 


During a child’s earliest school years, teachers know best, even better than parents, according to young ones. Praise, encouragement and interest from a teacher are sacrosanct (in the eyes and minds of young pupils). So, it follows that a sticker, given by a teacher, is a wow acquisition, one to be taken seriously, desired, admired, thought about, looked at repeatedly and deemed very important. 


Stickers that indicate ownership are used throughout homes and schools in the UK. At last, parents have the means to mark their children’s books, stationery, bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, footwear and the like. 


Labels4School is delighted to offer two types of specialised adhesive labels – a set to help a child who is colour blind to cope with and overcome most of the hurdles that going to school may involve, and another set that indicates many of the most commonly encountered allergies. Please see this website for a multitude of options for almost everyone or get in touch with us if you require more sticker information. We’re only a few clicks away.  


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