clothing labels

Clothing Labels

Clothing Labels Are a Necessity for School 

We can think of many reasons for adding labels to clothes before sending your children back to school.  The first and probably the most obvious one – to keep the clothing from ending up in the lost-and-found basket without a means to prove that the items belong to your kids. 

No parent wants to hear how their child lost a brand-new sports’ jersey after their first gym practise. It is already expensive to purchase new education supplies and uniforms each year. Now just imagine the cost of constantly having to replace these possessions due to the lack of proper clothing labels. 

Prevent Sweat and Tears Through Labelling 

Just as stressful as it can be to a parent when children lose their valuable items, it can be worse for kids. For example, put yourself in their shoes – worrying about what Mom will say about socks going missing yet again, or how Dad will react to the expensive tennis racket being stolen. Sometimes children can over-exaggerate an issue and end up not focusing while in class. As parents, it is vital to try and protect the minds of the youth by helping them avoid stressful situations. Labelling items helps to reduce the risk of them having to stress about lost or stolen belongings. 

Below are some ways clothing labels can benefit your offspring at school: 

  • Give them peace of mind, knowing that their items are less likely to be stolen – due to having a clear owner.
  • Make it possible to lend a sweater to a friend in need without worrying it will get mixed up with their uniforms.
  • Create the chance for kids to find their items again in the lost-and-found section without hassle.
  • Show them you’re thinking of their safety even when you’re not around to be their guardian angel. 

It’s also crucial to invest in quality clothing labels that won’t just wash off the first time you have to clean the uniforms. You don’t want to be sitting every weekend to relabel all the shirts and sweaters. 

Types of Clothing Labels Available 

Speaking of quality products, we offer some exceptional choices to add those names to belongings. Aside from the fabric on your child’s back, there are many other items you should place their names on. Stationery, lunch boxes, sports gear and even camping supplies can be labelled. 

The three options we provide for getting items labelled:

For the busy caretaker, it is a smart idea to get stick-on products, as these are quick and easy to apply. Our specific brand of stick-on clothing labels is made to withstand many washes, as well as other forms of punishment that might occur. Another benefit is the fact that they can be placed on many types of surfaces, including plastics. 

You can also opt to purchase the iron-on package, which you can be sewn in too. If you are extra particular and want to be on the safe side, you can do both to ensure your child’s name stays put. Of course, this is wise if you plan on using the clothing labels on all kinds of fabric items. Make a selection now and save your descendants from losing sleep over lost items.