Allergies, is you're child suffering in school?

Allergies, is you're child suffering in school?

Have you ever wondered what a child’s school life is like with allergies?

Well I can tell you, IT'S TOUGH!, constantly being tortured and tormented because there are those who fail to understand the severity of their actions and the consequences surrounding their actions. Life isn’t easy for those with allergies and it is up to us as parents to educate our children in how to be more respectful to those with allergies and to teach them the various different kinds of allergies.

So what are allergies? Allergies are caused when your immune system does not like certain allergens in your environment, such as: pollen from flowers, wheat in bread, a delicious peanut butter sandwich or the sting from a busy buzzing bee. When your body comes into contact with one of these allergens, it sends your immune system into attack mode to fend off these unwanted guests, causing your skin to go bright red, itchy and even makes it hard for you to breathe!


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But what can I do? One of the ways that we can prevent allergens from messing with our bodies, is with medication from our doctors. The doctor will do a test to see how badly you react to certain allergens, and then give you medicine to take  when you come into contact with it, that way life is slightly safer. One of the best ways is to avoid the allergen completely.

What about school? Children that suffer from allergies have to be more careful at school since they become a target to other children that do not understand their condition. They need to carry medication with them, which makes their allergy a little more obvious. This leads to a high possibility of being bullied, because they are different in a way that makes their skin go red, they battle to breathe or perhaps they get more attention from the teachers. Children that suffer from food allergies are the most common targets for bullies as their allergies are most noticeable.

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But it can't be all that bad right? As parents we never truly know what our children go through at school, but the most common complaint happens to be verbal abuse, and even on the odd occasion bullies have used the actual allergen to tease and torment!. That is a scary thought right? Because what these kids don't realise is that using the allergen as a tool to tease others is very dangerous. If a child with an allergy comes into contact with the allergen, that child could have a severe reaction in the classroom, playground or cafeteria, which is highly embarrassing and could even send them to hospital. This is why we need to educate our kids on the severity of allergies and encourage them to not tease those who are different, but rather assist them in making sure they do not come into contact with their allergen.

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So how can I help? Having an allergy can be rough, you have to live a certain lifestyle and you have to check everything every step of the way. So we at labels4school created a set of adorable and fun Allergy Labels, that are a great way to prevent your child from coming into contact with their allergen. These labels will also help the kids and teachers around them to know what is happening when you have an allergic reaction. Using our allergy labels helps make life that little bit easier, while living with an allergy. You can go about your day with less worry about your child coming into contact with an allergen at school, or them having an emergency due to someone not knowing that they  have an allergy. 


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View our range of allergy labels here

Choose from any of our super cute allergy sticker sets: Dairy Allergy, Bee Allergy, Egg Allergy, Fish Allergy, Nuts Allergy, Shellfish Allergy and Wheat Allergy!

Each pack consists of the following:

  • 18 Large allergy stickers
  • 30 Medium allergy stickers
  • 24 Small allergy stickers
  • 14 Round allergy icon stickers

Total of 86 allergy stickers!

Perfect for: Juice bottles, lunch boxes, electronic devices, stationery, pencil cases, books or anything with a dry, flat surface!


Choose between permanent and semi-permanent stickers:

  • Semi-permanent: This option gives you the opportunity to have your stickers printed on a vinyl that can be removed or used to label items such as disposable food packets or one time use camping equipment. This material is NOT microwave, freezer or dishwasher safe.

  • Permanent: This option is our premium vinyl label, this label is highly resistant and will not peel off easily, this is best used for permanent items such as lunch boxes, juice bottles, electronic devices and stationery. This high-quality luxurious vinyl IS microwave, dishwasher and freezer resistant!

All our allergy alert labels come in various sizes and are extremely versatile, you can use them on medical containers, water bottles, lunch boxes, books, on the back of bag tags or even on stationery. 


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