Fun Easter Activity | Foot print bunnies!

Fun Easter Activity | Foot print bunnies!

Looking for new craft ideas to do with your kids this Easter holiday?

Well, we have found just the thing! they are easy and fun to craft and you can use them to decorate the egg basket.

We made this darling paper plate footprint bunny as an Easter craft this past weekend. I love the way the bunny crafts turned out!

Here's how you do it:

  1. Using thick paper or cardboard, cut or find two different size circles the rough size of a dinner plate and the other slightly smaller. One will be the body, the other will be the head.
  2. Have the kiddos paint their circles, let them get their hands in there and really work that paint around.
  3. Next get a dish not much bigger than their foot, a sheet of plastic and another sheet of paper card.
    1. Put a small amount of paint in the container,
    2. Have the kiddos step into the paint one foot at a time and then step on the paper
    3. They can then carefully step onto the plastic, and clean their feet with a damp cloth. You will need 4 foot prints.
  4. Cut out each foot print when the paint has dried, and paint a white center on one pair (ears) and for the rabbits feet, use the other pair and add some rabbit paw prints.
  5. Tape or glue the ear pair to the small circle, this will become the head. Then glue the bottom edge of the small circle to the top edge of the big circle and glue on the feet to each side of the big circle.
  6. Lastly its time to give it a face! Draw, paint or glue on some eyes, a mouth, nose and whiskers.

You can also re enforce the back with a popsicle stick or a strip or card board. It is also a fun idea to stick your bunny onto a basket for Easter egg hunts.


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