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Welcome to Whitwell Primary School's very own Labels4School ordering site! From here you can receive discounted labels and have them delivered back to our school or directly to your door! These labels are of the highest quality and will ensure all children have their own belongings marked.

£17.00269 Labels

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  • 50 Iron-on Labels
  • 84 Wrap-around Pen&Pencil Labels
  • 50 Multi Labels
  • 40 Micro Labels
  • 36 Book Labels
  • 1 Bag Tag
  • 8 Shoe Shields

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£12.50165 Labels

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  • 25 Iron-on Labels
  • 48 Wrap-around Pen&Pencil Labels
  • 25 Multi Labels
  • 40 Micro Labels
  • 20 Book Labels
  • 1 Bag Tag
  • 6 Shoe Shields

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£9.00169 Labels

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  • 30 Iron-on Labels
  • 50 Multi Labels
  • 80 Micro Labels
  • 1 Bag Tag
  • 8 Shoe Shields

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£7.00140 Labels

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  • 60 Wrap-around Pen&Pencil Labels
  • 40 Multi Labels
  • 40 Micro Labels

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50 iron: £4.50 100 iron: £7.50

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  • 50 Iron-on Labels

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50 iron: £4.75 100 iron: £7.50

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  • 50 Iron-on Labels

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60 labels: £6.50 120 labels: £12.00

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  • 60 Super stick-in clothing labels

Super stick-in clothing labelsClick to read more

50 multi: £4.75 100 multi: £8.00

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  • 50 Multi Labels

Multi-Purpose LabelsClick to read more

54 wrap: £4.75 102 wrap: £8.00

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  • 54 Wrap-around Pen&Pencil Labels

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120 micro: £5.00 240 micro: £10.00

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  • 120 Micro Labels

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52 book: £3.50 104 book: £7.00

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  • 52 Book Labels

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10 multi: £3.00 20 multi: £4.50

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  • 10 Shoe Shields

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2 bag: £3.90 4 bag: £7.50 3 bag: £5.90

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  • 2 Bag Tag

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Delivery Info

  • Free Collection - Order One:
    Order before 31 August 2019
    Delivered to the school on 05 September 2019

  • Free Collection - Order Two:
    Order before 03 November 2019
    Delivered back to the school on 08 November 2019

  • Standard Home Delivery:
    £1.50 (1-2 days excluding dispatch time)

  • Express:
    £3.00 (1-2 days, guaranteed 24 hours dispatch time)

Once you have placed your order by clicking the “Add to Cart” button and provided the details to be printed on the labels, you will be taken to the “Checkout” page where you can choose to pay via Card or Transfer. If the Transfer payment option is chosen, details for payment will be texted and emailed to you. Once your payment reflects in our account, you will receive another text message confirming your payment has been received.

On the checkout page, you can also choose if you would like your labels sent directly to you or if you would like to collect them from the school. If you would like the labels to be sent directly to you printing time is 5-8 working days after matching payment and delivery time depends on the delivery method selected.

If you would like to collect from the school, please see the table above for expected delivery dates and corresponding cut off dates (please note: in order to collect - all orders and payments must be received before the nearest cut-off date. Any orders or payments received after the cut-off date will only be delivered in the following cut off period). Orders can be collected from Mrs McDermott during school office hours. Parents are welcome to order for their siblings from other schools, however, please ensure that you don’t select our school logo for their labels!

Happy labelling!!

Label info

All labels include name & surname. Also, if desired, an optional field and image from our selection.

Label application info

Clothing labels can be ironed on or ironed and sewn in. Boarders MUST sew in their labels.
label your school glue stick

we accept the following payment methods:

  • Maestro
  • Master Card
  • Visa
  • Visa Debit
  • Visa Electron
  • JCB