Colour Blind Stickers

352 Labels
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The all new ‘Colour Blind Sticker pack', our latest colour label range to make your life more convienient is here! This unique label pack has been specifically designed to assist children entering pre-school and junior school to identify and easily learn colour variations at home and in the classroom. (Now includes Black, Grey & White)

Each label is specifically marked with a colour bar, a corresponding symbol and the descriptive word, the words are written in all lower case for younger children, and using black text on a white background, making it crisp, clear and easy to read.

There is a variety of sizes in both Semi-permanent and Permanent options. Use these labels on anything from cutlery, lunch boxes and toys to pencil crayons and other general stationery items. 

Choose between permanent and semi-permanent stickers:

  • Semi-permanent: This option gives you the opportunity to have your stickers printed on a vinyl that can be removed or used to label items such as disposable food packets or one time use camping equipment. This material is NOT microwave, freezer or dishwasher safe.

  • Permanent: This option is our premium vinyl label, this label is incredibly tough and will not peel off easily, this is best used for permanent items such as lunch boxes, juice bottles, electronic devices and stationery. This high-quality luxurious vinyl IS microwave, dishwasher and freezer resistant!

All our colour blind stickers come in various sizes and are extremely versatile, you can use them on stationer, water bottles, lunch boxes, books, on the back of bag tags or even on puzzles and toys. 

 This pack consists of:
16 Large Squares
44 Multi-purpose
30 Mini Wraps
55 Small Circles
92 Micros

That's 237 marker labels! + 115 extra for your teacher!

This pack also includes a cut out A5 sheet of labels consisting of circles and micros that you can send to your Childs school for the teachers to use in the classroom.

Perfect for: All colour stationery items such as crayons, pencil crayons, felt tip pens, paints or anything with a dry, flat surface!