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Customise your wheelie bin with our high-quality white vinyl sticker. Durable and weatherproof, our stickers are easy to apply - just peel and stick! Add a touch of personality to your bin and make it stand out from the rest. Our stickers are proudly made in the UK using self-adhesive, single color vinyl. The perfect size for wheelie bins and large containers.

A4 (actual size will vary based on decal option)


Pack of 1

20+ Design options

White label with black text

Waterproof & Weather proof


100% made to order in the UK

We choose to use white labels as they provide good contrast with nearly all bin colours.


1. Clean the surface you will apply your label to. Then dry the surface. Make sure there is no dirt, dust or water on the bin. 

2. Place the label on a flat surface with the backing paper facing up. 

3. Holding the underside down, peel the backing paper making sure your hand doesnt lose contact with the backing paper. Its usually easiest pulling it towards yourself!

4. Align your label pushing ONLY the top edge of the masking tape down. 

5. Use a firm flat edge and apply the label from top to bottom, forcing out the air as you go. 

6. Peel a corner of the masking tape off the label and gently remove the masking tape making sure not to lift the label. Push it down if you do accidently lift it. 

7. Leave it to dry! Do not test if it is stuck.