Stickers for School Clothes: Why You Need Them and Where to Get Them

Stickers for School Clothes: Why You Need Them and Where to Get Them

The year is not even over, and it is the third time your teenager arrived home without their sports jacket. Last year, your younger teen went through two backpacks, two pairs of school shoes, and three raincoats. It cost you dearly. However, this year, you are putting stickers on their clothes so your investment will not end up in lost-and-found or some other kid’s bag. But who has the time to sew in around 50 labels – from the uniform, sports gear, bags, and towels to the bedding – if they attend boarding school? It is a big job.

School Clothes are Pricey – and Kids Lose Things

Today, a parent can easily label up to 30 to 50-clothing items before the start of each new school year – from shirts, skirts, dresses, trousers, socks, jerseys, jumpers, jackets, caps, tees, shorts, and blazers, to sports clothes like swimming gear, netball, hockey, rugby, soccer, ballet and so on. Consider that there is also the winter and summer months, so there are different clothing and gear for each sport. Whether your child or children attend private or government school, school and sports uniforms cost a king’s ransom.

Each item of clothing also looks identical, so it is easy to lose. What’s more is that kids and teenagers are forgetful, which is the very reason schools, boarding establishments, and kindergartens require parents to put stickers on their kids’ clothes and stationery. To put it mildly – there is no such thing as “cheap” school uniforms anymore – and stickers for clothes ensure you only have to buy a blazer, pair of shoes, track top or jumper once. 

Design Your Labels Online in a Few Clicks

Young people boast highly overactive imaginations. They cannot read, so visuals are how they see the world and communicate, which is reason parents struggle to get their little ones away from cartoon channels. Young minds identify with a colourful design, so if you want to get them excited about school or inspire responsibility, get them to design the stickers for their clothes. At Labels4School UK, we have a design feature on our website that allows young children to create their identity, with help from mom and dad, of course. Boasting an enormous range of layouts and themes, type in their name, subject, and allow them to start designing.

Waterproof and Easy to Stick

Most UK parents work 24/7; some parents even have two jobs. As a result, spending night after night, sewing labels into nearly 50 clothing items is impossible. However, many parents do not realise that these funky, colourful cartoon-inspired labels – that prevent parents from repeat buying bags and sports gear – are easy to design, purchase, and stick on clothes. These stickers are fuss-free, saving parents endless hours of sewing. Pull, stick, press, and your clothing items are marked.

At Lables4School UK, experience shows us that tagging your child’s summer and winter apparel, shoes, books, and bags with these fun and colourful innovations will keep their property, and your bank balance, safe. Make your order with Labels4School UK today – we deliver to your door.