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Colour Pre-school Pack - Customise your own

95 Labels
£13.00 Regular price £21.00
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Sk8 Rex 2
Dino Trike
Surfer 1
Sports Rugby
Sport Cricket
Car Red
Car Yellow
Skater 1
Space Rocket Orange
Sweet Cupcake 2
Butterfly 2
Unicorn 2
Mermaid Pink
Mermaid Purple
Hungry Shark
Toucan Cute
Hotair Balloon
Surf Boards
Sports Tennis
Tropical Leaves
Flamingo Flower
Farm Duck
Farm Rooster
Farm Cow
Farm Lamb
Sweet Donut Blue
Summer Cone
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The pre-school pack is perfect for younger kids who are attending pre-school (obviously!?). It has an excellent variety of labels and the perfect quantities to get you going. This pack is made up of 95 labels using 9 different label types! With extremely hardy colours and super sticky backing, all these labels are fridge and freezer safe as well as waterproof and dishwasher safe!

All of the labels in this pack are so versatile, you can use them on anything. You can keep them on the strait and narrow, or twist them around objects or even over corners. And they will stay! So why not go wild! Select the label that fits most appropriately to the item you want to label, and apply it! It’s that easy. 

The pre-school Pack contains the following: (Sizes are height x width)
1 Super size - 25mm x 100mm
8 Classic labels - 13mm x 50mm
6 Big block - 30mm x 30mm
9 Baby block - 20mm x 20mm
9 Baby dot - 17mm (Diameter)
3 Book labels - 35mm x 65mm
6 sets of Shoe labels (48mm x 25mm) with laminate covers (54mm x 31mm)
2 Bag Tag - Credit Card size - 85mm x 54mm
45 Tag Buddies OR 25 Iron on clothing labels

Total of 95 name labels!